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Name: Gerry (Homepage)

Country: Scotland
Date: Sat Mar 15 00:00:12 2003
Comment: Very good site, great photos

Name: Rama (Homepage)

Country: Canada
Date: Tue Mar 4 22:50:58 2003
Comment: Great site with great pictures of great girls!!!!

Name: Christi (..)

Date: Mon Feb 17 10:38:50 2003
Comment: I think you should do nudes of preteen girls.

Name: Deitmar (Homepage)

Country: Deutschland
Date: Wed Feb 12 17:18:53 2003
Comment: Very nice site - very pretty models and excellent photography

Name: darryl rue (..)

Country: usa
Date: Mon Feb 10 20:34:41 2003
Comment: I'm willing to travel, I'm a model. Willing to do nudity. Will send samples, I'm 6'1", 200lbs., muscular built and black. Ladro82@hotmail.com Interest?, let's talk

Name: G Townes (..)

Country: Ontario
Date: Fri Feb 7 01:30:07 2003
Comment: Nice.

Name: alsam (Homepage)

Country: pakistan
Date: Sun Feb 2 09:20:25 2003
Comment: it is very good site

Name: dwickll (..)

Country: India
Date: Tue Jan 28 09:41:53 2003
Comment: Very good

Name: suriya (..)

Country: india
Date: Tue Jan 28 07:26:33 2003
Comment: really super pic

Name: MAC BOSS (..)

Country: macau
Date: Thu Jan 23 06:44:38 2003

Name: Randolph W. Barnes (..)

Country: USA
Date: Thu Jan 23 03:37:19 2003
Comment: Ver nice web page-in fact it's very well done. Randolph W. Barnes.rba3018b@pacbell.net. I would like to see more of your Classy photo.

Name: cucld (..)

Country: US, California
Date: Thu Jan 16 03:38:37 2003
Comment: Thanks.

Name: Pascal (Homepage)

Country: United States
Date: Tue Dec 31 23:07:24 2002
Comment: Niiice site!

Name: Jaak BELLEN (Homepage)

Country: Belgien
Date: Tue Dec 24 15:23:01 2002
Comment: I love your work and the way you work. If you have some time, please visit my website.

Name: Angel (..)

Country: Belgium
Date: Sun Dec 22 14:05:35 2002
Comment: Einfach klasse!!!!

Name: Bert Verbruggen (..)

Country: Nederland
Date: Sun Dec 22 00:59:47 2002
Comment: What a beautiful work . I'm also a nude photographer and surfing over the internet to see and find work , the same as i do .
I work with availeble light and a mix between David Hamilton and W.Pawelec .
Romantic and the erotic side appear in the brain of the viewer .

succes and i watch your work next week .

Bert Verbruggen
if you have a newsletter i would like to receive it . greetings from the north of Holland where the temperature is not for outdoor-shootings

Name: Andy (Homepage)

Country: Denmark
Date: Sat Dec 21 13:58:05 2002
Comment: great classy site. Is Samantha available at other sites? Shes stunning...

Name: david jonson (..)

Country: India
Date: Sat Dec 21 10:14:21 2002
Comment: Very exiting

Name: luis (..)

Country: México
Date: Mon Dec 9 00:09:07 2002
Comment: Great Page!!

Name: Candy Mejia (homepage)

Country: California, USA
Date: Sat Dec 7 05:16:49 2002
Comment: Hi, What a fantastic site. I have done guest modeling on tasteful sites like yours before. For instance look at http://www.beautyofnature.org/mgal/bon_candy.html If you ever are looking for a guest model, drop me an e-mail. I would be honored to share my beauty with your site users. Good luck, you do a great job in capturing the inate beauty and innocence of women. Candy :-)

Name: JD Aspen (Homepage)

Country: Canada
Date: Mon Dec 2 21:03:47 2002
Comment: Congratulations on an excellent, well done, web site. I enjoyed my visit very much, and will likely return another time.

Name: Benn (..)

Country: U.K
Date: Sun Dec 1 21:02:02 2002
Comment: Some just absolutely beautiful photographs with marvelous lighting and of course the subjects.zFE

Name: (..)

Date: Wed Nov 20 11:15:50 2002
Comment: je souheterais avoir des photos

Name: Don Landrum (..)

Country: United States
Date: Fri Nov 1 20:27:43 2002
Comment: Love your photographs - beautiful women superbly photographed. How do I join to see more?

Name: Marco Vernaglione (Homepage)

Country: Germany
Date: Fri Oct 18 00:47:03 2002
Comment: I love your photos of Kinga. She is the goddess of nature ;-)

Name: g prashar (..)

Country: india
Date: Sat Sep 14 00:55:36 2002
Comment: Sublime!

Name: bobby littles (Homepage)

Country: usa
Date: Sat Sep 7 14:16:18 2002
Comment: hottest babes from around the world

Name: ruben (Homepage)

Country: U.S.A.
Date: Sun Sep 1 19:12:25 2002
Comment: I want to know some information about one of your models, Samantha. Biography, E-mail, and any other websites that she might be modeling on. She is very beautiful and I hope to see more of her work. Thanks.

Name: Alex (..)

Country: Russia
Date: Tue Aug 27 10:25:47 2002
Comment: very nice site and beautiful models! Your photographies are excellent!!

Name: kicaan (Homepage)

Country: macedonia
Date: Tue Aug 13 19:10:47 2002
Comment: the site its just beautiful!

Name: Barbara (Homepage)

Country: Italy
Date: Thu Jul 25 12:50:38 2002
Comment: Hi...I'm Barbara Taurua..an italian model from polynesian
origin....is possible link exchange with you?..Thanks for your attention...best reguards Barbara

Barbara Taurua LaPolynesienne

Name: SJ Claus (..)

Country: USA
Date: Fri Jul 19 09:46:31 2002
Comment: I like your site but you need to put the girls info in USA inches and cm

Name: Sonja (Homepage)

Country: Spain
Date: Thu Jul 11 23:24:26 2002
Comment: Hallo aus Spanien,
auf der Suche nach neuen Models landete ich hier auf der Seite...
Ohne Kommentar = EINFACH SPITZE !!!

Kisses to all, Sonja

Name: Eva (Homepage)

Country: D
Date: Mon Jul 1 21:57:20 2002
Comment: Hallo!
Tolle Photos und eine sehr übersichtlich gestaltete Site. Falls du mal ein Model mit 105 cm langen Haaren und Brustwarzenpiercings brauchst würde ich mich freuen, wenn du auf mich zurückkommst. Ich wohne übrigens im Saarland...von der Entfernung also noch in ordnung.
Viele Grüße und mach weiter so, Eva

Name: Molly (Homepage)

Country: USA
Date: Mon Jun 17 13:54:53 2002
Comment: The web model who has recently become well-known in the US media industry as a world class beauty with the acting ability of a pure actor

Name: Michael (Homepage)

Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 18 01:41:10 2002
Comment: If you like you can add your site at my new english Forum at www.gallery-of-nudes.com (-:

Name: PrincessDrea (..)

Country: US
Date: Wed Apr 17 07:35:54 2002
Comment: Very nice web-site...Your Photography is great and your models are beautiful...

Name: Sandie (Homepage)

Date: Mon Apr 1 16:34:48 2002
Comment: NICE SITE

Name: Dan Zincal (..)

Country: Poland
Date: Wed Mar 20 08:44:33 2002
Comment: Hi
I want to have some information about your model, SAMANTHA (Biography,E-mail,...). She is a very pretty girl with nice body! and I interest to contact her and know her other websites. Thanks

Name: Maurice (..)

Country: USA
Date: Sun Mar 3 00:52:53 2002
Comment: You have a very good eye, not just for the girls you find, but also for the composition of the shots you post on your site. Keep it up and THANKS!!!

Name: Herb (..)

Country: USA
Date: Thu Feb 28 09:44:29 2002
Comment: Great photo's.

Name: Tony P (..)

Country: USA
Date: Sun Feb 17 07:20:51 2002
Comment: Wonderful Web Site! Not only beautiful ladies but fabulous photography. So tasteful yet ifused with a sense of erotic innocence. Bravo!

Name: trilochan singh (..)

Country: india
Date: Sat Feb 9 15:10:52 2002
Comment: amazing ,beautiful ,I am facinated

Name: hugo morales (..)

Country: mexico
Date: Thu Feb 7 20:57:47 2002
Comment: exelent photos and great teens bye

Name: John Jessie (..)

Country: USA
Date: Mon Jan 28 23:57:44 2002
Comment: Great site. I like it.

Name: Maria (Homepage)

Country: Netherlands
Date: Tue Jan 22 11:28:45 2002
Comment: GUTTTTT und geil

Name: CHantal (Homepage)

Country: Netherlands
Date: Tue Jan 22 11:27:56 2002
Comment: Gute seite haben SIe!

Name: Model Silvia (Homepage)

Comment: Germany
Date: Thu Jan 17 01:30:58 2002
Comment: Hi ,

Eine Wirklich schöne Site ist das geworden .
Ich freue mich schon auf unsere Nextes Shooting !!

Name: Richard von Wennerveld (Homepage)

Country: Germany
Date: Wed Jan 16 10:59:40 2002
Comment: What a great site!
Iam a artist working with bodypainting and erotic art always looking for new models.
Maybe you want to check my website too:

Please sign my guestbook as well!

Kind regards,
Richard von Wennerveld

Name: George Vreeland Hill (Homepage)

Country: US
Date: Sun Jan 13 05:14:36 2002
Comment: What a great site!! Why go anywhere else?
Please visit my site, and add your link.George.

Name: George Vreeland Hill (Homepage)

Country: US
Date: Fri Jan 4 08:55:09 2002
Comment: Love the site. Five stars!!.......This is so good, that you can make it ten stars!!!

Name: fantasytrip (Homepage)

Country: sweden
Date: Wed Dec 26 22:51:40 2001
Comment: sweden modells in nudes

Name: strippakuten (Homepage)

Country: sweden
Date: Wed Dec 26 22:49:36 2001
Comment: i have your link on mine sites ist ok? looke at mine sitets sweden strippers and modells + ca 500 links

Name: Don (..)

Country: usa
Date: Tue Dec 25 19:06:16 2001
Comment: i've just viewed the pics of samantha and calista. Bravo. beautiful women and beautiful naked also. keep it up

Name: russ (Homepage)

Country: usa
Date: Thu Dec 20 04:09:07 2001
Comment: Great site. Beautiful girls. tasteful nudes. Keep up the good work. Great locals too. ---Russ

Name: roger (..)

Country: usa
Date: Sat Dec 1 05:16:31 2001
Comment: good photograph!

Name: Roger (..)

Country: usa
Date: Sat Dec 1 03:31:30 2001
Comment: samantha have beautifull body ! i lke her very much.

Name: hy (..)

Date: Fri Nov 23 13:32:48 2001

Name: Sara (Homepage)

Country: Albania
Date: Tue Nov 20 19:00:39 2001
Comment: You page is cool - but my is more popular! Yep, this is porno... But it is a cool porno! :)) http://dist02.chargitdial.com/?1&30998

Name: Loabit (Homepage)

Date: Tue Nov 13 08:59:52 2001
Comment: Site Sucks - girls look crazy

Name: HiLiebes (..)

Date: Thu Nov 8 11:54:02 2001
Comment: ...gefunden! Grüße vom Mittagspausenkollege.

Name: chopinz Zhou (..)

Country: china
Date: Wed Nov 7 22:26:14 2001
Comment: Very high level photo with excellent artview.

Name: Chris (Homepage)

Country: England
Date: Tue Nov 6 08:15:26 2001
Comment: Great photos, beautiful models. Keep up the good work.
The password to my site is 'enter' anyone goes there.

Name: Michael Rößler (Homepage)

Country: Deutschland
Date: Thu Oct 11 18:33:11 2001
Comment: Hallo,

gute Bilder von hübschen Modellen. Alles in allem eine der Seiten die das Internet interessant machen.
Wenn Du Lust hast schau einfach mal bei mir vorbei.
Viele Grüße aus Hamburg

Name: Vincent (..)

Country: germany
Date: Wed Oct 10 01:09:01 2001
Comment: hi M.C.B!ich komme aus dem raum karlsruhe und bin ausgebildeter fotograf.da eine deiner sessions auch in ka war frag ich mich ob du auch aus der umgebung bist?und wenn ja hast du silvia und calista hier kennengelernt?oder anders gesagt könnte man da vielleicht kontakte zu den beiden knüpfen wegen fotos?würd mich freuen was von dir zu hören!BYE

Name: Biggi (Homepage)

Country: Vienna
Date: Wed Sep 19 07:42:23 2001
Comment: Wow...I think your page is great!
What do you think about mine?
lovley greetings
biggi :-)

Name: Magic Jay (Homepage)

Country: Germany
Date: Wed Sep 5 19:14:08 2001
Comment: Hey, very nice site!
Continue with your work.
Maybe you visit my site too.

Sunny greetings from Frankfurt

Name: Neil (..)

Country: USA
Date: Wed Sep 5 02:18:52 2001
Comment: Interesting photos. Well do and attention centering.

Name: Find Here ... (Homepage)

Date: Wed Sep 5 01:23:19 2001
Hello !
Nice site, good content...
but design .... :(
You can visit us. Thanks !

Name: mike (Homepage)

Country: USA
Date: Thu Aug 30 16:38:17 2001
Comment: patricia is so fine!


Name: Kip Crawford (..)

Country: USA
Date: Fri Aug 24 00:45:43 2001
Comment: Your Samantha & Patricia galleries captures the beauty of the true female form. Very well done. I would like to see Patricia in a more subtle setting or even B&W. Nice website.

Name: Torleiv (Homepage)

Country: Norway
Date: Wed Aug 22 10:19:17 2001
Comment: You have a great page!
The color, background, layout and design are excellent.
I enjoyed my visit, thanks a bunch!

Name: Neal A. Scotto (Homepage)

Country: USA
Date: Wed Aug 22 05:16:55 2001

Name: Naomi (Homepage)

Country: Germany
Date: Sat Aug 18 08:57:18 2001
Comment: really cool homepage... cu
naomi http://www.naomicam.de

Name: rob (..)

Country: uk
Date: Wed Jul 4 22:02:55 2001
Comment: cool pics luv
keep it up

Name: Andreea (..)

Country: germany
Date: Mon Jul 2 22:21:33 2001
Comment: Hi there , nice pics and nice models ...will be fit for me ...smile .

Name: Michael (Homepage)

Country: UK
Date: Mon Jul 2 18:30:23 2001
Comment: Hi,
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By the way, I liked your site!

Name: mike (Homepage)

Country: USA
Date: Sat Jun 23 20:21:02 2001
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Name: marcus (Homepage)

Country: germany
Date: Wed Jun 13 16:05:01 2001
Comment: Samantha ist eine tolle Frau mit der ich gerne meine Homepage zieren würde
gruß Marcus

Name: Steffen Reize (..)

Country: germany
Date: Mon Jun 11 22:57:58 2001
Comment: Nimm mich das nächste mal ja mit wenn Du solche Bildersessions machst
echt coole Bilder MCB
bis dann see you

Name: Danny (..)

Country: USA
Date: Fri Jun 8 07:35:31 2001
Comment: You are a very sexy and lovely model. Your photos are quite enjoyable to look at. Wish there were more to see.

Name: hamlan (..)
Country: saudi arabia
Date: Fri Jun 8 00:27:09 2001
Comment: dear mr or ms
i hope you send me any adress or websites for you on my e-mail: hamlan77@yahoo.com



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